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Juan Collignon Hoff
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"Under Ephemeral Light"

by:Juan Collignon Hoff

Juan Collignon is one of those rare multifaceted individuals who constantly challenges himself in whatever he attempts to undertake. Over the year's he has left his mark as a poet, painter,architect landscape designer and photographer.

Juan has been able to express himself in a most remarkable way by combining a mastery of materials with a profound artistic vision. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, he captured in all of his images the vibrant nature of colors. Because of an extensive art background, Juan imparts a strong sense of design which acheives beauty through simplicity. It is photography which aims to stimulate vision of the subject in all it's wonderous beauty and to produce images which capture the significance of the human form. In each impression, drama and excitement are brought into focus through highlights and shadows - the result of light. For Juan, only light used in a planned manner can establish a delicate and poetic expression. Each photograph flows at a climax to record the innavative and compelling attributes of woman.

Juan's photography is the result of imagination and creative process. Fantasy controls the development of each photograph. There is a theme in all of his images. An integral part of his photography is the use of color to achieve impact or simply to delight the eye. His legacy of photography lies in the interrelationship of line, form and color.

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