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Ernst Haas
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"Ranunculus, New York Botanical

"Ranunculus, New York Botanical Gardens, 1984"
40" x 60"
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Est. Value $11,000

This image is part of the IIPA's Permanent Collection, the largest collection of dye transfer, cibachrome and pigment prints in the world. There are very few of these pictures in existence and they will never be reprinted in a dye transfer limited edition again. Although these images are not for sale, we periodically accept buyers' bids. If you submit a bid, we will contact the owners and they will either accept or reject your offer. Because of the size of these prints they have been mounted on a wooden body with steel bars to prevent damage. This framing technique has worked so well that the IIPA permanent collection is the only place in the world where you can find 40"x60" dye transfers by authors such as Haas and Maisel in mint condition.
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