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Manuel Romo
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Manuel Romo, like any great artist, does not work for the mind but for the soul. His work is of such nature, that it cannot be analyzed, interpreted, and reasoned; it must be enjoyed, but, most importantly, experienced. Experiencing art like this requires of more than imagination and time, it requires the eradication of the confines of the soul and granting it license to wander around the mind likewise allowing the mind to experience fresh surroundings and turning the page of experience, to begin anew. This rebirth of the mind will cease boredom as the soul and mind will, simultaneously, not just register nature, but interpret it.

The poetic energy of his work rejects description and, instead, to your ear, whispers the wonders of the world. His poems are not written in words or phrases but in colors and contrasts and beauty and do not thrill the mind but, rather, titillate the eye and heart. It is not unusual to hear this calling and be able to perceive these natural attributes, but, his ability to unfailingly transpose this intangible feeling into tangible art is. This part of his work will supercede the ephemeral dye transfer images and cause people to begin a new chapter in their lives titled After Romo.

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