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Domingo Batista

Author: Domingo Batista
# in limited edition: 20
To be printed on:16"x20" dye transfer limited edition

When you sponsor this image you will receive your prints in approximately 30 days. The photographer - author has decided the size and number of prints. Only one limited dye transfer edition will ever be printed.

If you are interested in sponsoring this image's dye-transfer limited edition please fill and submit the following form.

To sponsor this image your cost will be ($1,500.00 U.S Dollars) and you will receive the first print and an additional complimentary print.

Once an image has been selected for sponsorship it will leave "The Exhibit" and enter "The Gallery" where it will be available until sold out. If you are not the sponsor or you did not buy one copy you will only be able to admire this image at the IIPA's Permanent Collection.

Yes, I want to sponsor the dye transfer limited
edition of this original photograph.

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