International Institute of Photographic Authors

International Institute of Photographic Authors

In this area you will find a unique group of virtual images from many different authors, from all over the world, waiting to be sponsored and printed .

Interior designers, art collectors, art investors, and all art lovers are welcome to browse the exhibit and select any image(s) they want to sponsor.

Domingo BatistaDomingo BatistaDomingo BatistaDomingo Batista
Victor Diaz "CBS Parking Lot, NY"Victor Diaz "Left Turn Only"Victor Diaz "Wall Colors"
Mario Castillo "Searching for God"Mario Castilo: "Venecia"Mario Castillo: "Window Flowers"Mario Castillo: "And Shall Follow Thee"

If you are a photographer and would like to submit your work click here.

Exhibition Room 2

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