International Institute of Photographic Authors

International Institute of Photographic Authors


Become an Art Patron or Sponsor Angel to one -or several- of these unique color photographic images taken by the world's best photographers and add Est. Value and beauty to both your art collection and investment portfolio.

When you sponsor one or more master photographers' images you become an associate of a very selected group of visionary patrons who bring to eternal life images of great beauty and scope.

Each photographer has selected the size and number of dye transfer prints for each of his images. As a Sponsor you will receive the first two prints: The Patron's Print and an additional Complimentary Print.


Your contribution becomes tax deductible when the Complimentary Print remains in your collection and you donate the Patron's Print to a Public Library, educational institution, or Museum of your choice.


The photographic process used in making the original prints is the ultimate dye-transfer process. Permanent, magnificent colors and hues so difficult to achieve become a reality with the dye-transfer process the only printing process for color photography recognized by curators and collectors as museum quality.


Each image can have but one sponsor. Once an image has been sponsored it will never be printed in dye-transfer again.

Visit the Exhibit now, select the image(s) you like and enrich your world and the world of art.